About DAEU Nextier & DAEU Nextier GDC Vietnam

DAEU Nextier is a Korean leading company in the IT consulting & SaaS development founded by global consultants and developers, known for its commitment to innovation and delivery quality. We provide easy, fast and cost-effective IT solutions tailored to our clients. Founded in 2013 with headquarter in Seoul (South Korea), the company has made significant strides and has become a prominent player in the market. DAEU Nextier has been certified as a Salesforce’s Gold Partner since 2017 and ISV Partner of Salesforce since 2018.

From 2020, DAEU Nextier has expanded their presence in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi (Vietnam), operating as Global Development Centers in each location. In October 2022, DAEU Nextier GDC Vietnam Co., Ltd is officially established with headquarter in Ho Chi Minh, with 12 local employees working on projects and preparing for a Global Rollout. After 01 year of preparing resources, DAEU Nextier GDC Vietnam has also successfully became Salesforce’s Consulting Partner, an important step forward in providing our solutions and services in Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia market in general.

What we do?

  • Development of IT strategies and proposal of business innovation tailored to each industry.
  • Development of business platforms utilizing cloud technology.
  • Supply and provision of all products and services as an official Salesforce partner.
  • Providing operational and developmental education courses as a Salesforce specialized education partner.

Core Competencies

Our broad expertise in various domains, deep specialization, and market-leading solutions are our core strengths. We deliver differentiated value to our customers through our core competencies. The members of DAEU Nextier are constantly striving to deliver value to our customers based on customer-centric perspective, the ability to identify and tackle challenges, leadership that respects team members, collaborative teamwork, unwavering drive, and the dynamism brought by diverse members.

Our Solutions & Services

As a Salesforce’s Consulting Partner, DAEU Nextier provides Salesforce consultation & implementation services including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other Salesforce products. We also offers its own developed solutions by listing them on the app marketplace. Furthermore, we seamlessly integrate customer’s existing systems with new solutions using various integration programs and interface solutions.

DAEU Nextier provides integrated solutions that encompass our in-house developed solutions, salesforce products and software integration with legacy or other services. We offer services across the entire system lifecycle, including system strategy, business structure design, implementation, and operation supporting our customer’s seamless digital transformation.

As a Certified Salesforce training partner, we offers new education programs that combine the functionality of solutions with project experience. We conduct internal training to enhance the business and technical capabilities of our project personnel, and also provide user training for client organizations to manage the changes after solution implementation. We differentiate ourselves by having experienced instructors who have work on multiple projects and by utilizing our in-house training facilities to deliver top-quality education.

These offerings are designed to meet the evolving needs of the market and deliver high-quality solutions to clients and customers.

Why DAEU Nextier?

  • Customer-centric approach

The company stands out due to its customer-centric approach, serving over 100 client companies with customized solutions that prioritize individual customer needs. DAEU Nextier is known for its efficient implementation methodologies, ensuring short project durations for timely and effective outcomes.

  • Verified abilities and a track record of executing projects

The company boasts verified abilities and a track record of successfully executing projects, backed by over 10 years of project executive experience. As a Salesforce Consulting Partner and Independent Software Vendor (ISV), DAEU Nextier has established itself as a reliable and experienced player in the industry.

  • A solid organization based on expertise and teamwork

DAEU Nextier has built a solid organizational foundation rooted in expertise and teamwork. With a team of nearly 150 administrators, developers, consultants, and architects, the company possesses extensive knowledge of customers’ digital environments and workflows. It showcases qualifications and expertise across the entire solutions spectrum, emphasizing an ongoing investment in education and research and development.

  • Continual internalization of emerging technologies and trends

The company is committed to continual internalization of emerging technologies and trends, evident through ongoing analysis activities for release. DAEU Nextier GDC Vietnam actively sends a significant number of employees to Dreamforce every year, ensuring exposure to the latest innovations in the field. Additionally, the company enhances its capabilities through active participation in Salesforce seminars and training sessions.

Track Record

DAEU Nextier designs and implements customized solutions for clients across various industries and business scales, based on efficient methodologies. Our great strength lies in our extensive experience working with numerous clients and executing multiple projects.

Currently, Digital Transformation (DX) has become a necessity rather than a choice for companies. At DAEU Nextier, our commitment lies in facilitating our clients’ digital transformation journeys through the deployment of cutting-edge technology and highly efficient methodologies. We go beyond providing simple IT solutions and accompany our clients throughout the entire journey of DX, from capacity assessment and design go actual implementation and post-implementation operations and management. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we are steadfast in our dedication to supporting our clients in their digital innovation endeavors.


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DAEU Nextier GDC Vietnam Company Limited
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